RF-25 8/4 Flaskefyller & forsegler


RF-25 8/4 Flaskefyller & forsegler

Art Nr.: RF-25 8/4 Dosimaq


  • Intermittent rotary unit with star plate with 8 stations for container movement.
  • Powered conveyor for pulling the container  into the star plate.
  • Filling unit equipped with 4 pumps and impulse generators to select dose from the touch screen.
  • 4 independent anti-drip nozzles for liquid products with easy-install washing collector.
  • Automatic nozzle elevation system for filling from the bottom of the container in sparkling products.
  • Product suction directly from the product container
  • Ramp for the direction and positioning of caps at the capping unit.
  • Positioner of caps on the container to be closed.
  • Capping unit by means of a pneumatic gear motor with adjustable pressure.
  • Powered conveyor for extraction of containers from inside the machine.


  • Accumulation table for automatic feed of empty containers inside the machine.
  • Accumulation table for automatic feed of filled  containers at the end of the exit conveyor.
  • Labelling heads for self adhesive labels
  • Expiry date and code marker.
  • Induction sealing system for aluminium lids.
  • Preinstallation for synchronization with C.I.P. system.
  • Exchangeable format kits for bottling containers with different volumes.
  • Automatic cap and unit feeders for a high level of autonomy.
  • Laminar flow cabinet.
  • Ability to seal with pressure, screw or pilfer proof caps, among others.


  • Height 2.000 mm
  • Width 2.400 mm
  • Length 3.700 mm
  • Weight 670 kg
  • Power supply Three-phase 380V + neutral
  • Pneumatic supply 6 bar
  • Filling capacity for containers of 10 > 150 mm Ø
  • Capacity Up to 2.000 containers